Friday, 22 May 2009

Fashionable Cycle Clothing

"What if I think that Neon looks terrible"

Okay, so you've had a few days to think about Neon since I posted the Neon Army post below. Still not keen? You obviously have your reasons. There are no doubt some practical reasons to needing to be able to cycle in "normal" clothes:
  • You're on your way to a meeting and you want a greener (and cheaper) way to zoot around the city without having to change every time you arrive and leave a building. Neon is not very corporate, let's face it. (I arrived for a conference only to be asked for my "badge". Turns out, they thought I was the bicycle courier!)
  • You're off to meet a date and you want to look decent when you arrive - not neon, Lycra and sweat with a bad case of Helmet Hair (complete with Klingon forehead markings)
  • You like to be fashionable and you think that it's really nerdy to be a neon-and-Lycra clone.
Okay, okay I hear you. Some advice to that point? Topshop has created a range of cycle clothes that you can wear on your bicycle. You can feel very catwalk on your lovely bike as you coast leisurely down the streets of what is essentially a very cool city - London. Click here to see the lovely Aggy Dean working it - she's so fashionable and so Camden. No doubt she's not going to break the sound barrier but she looks very good.

If you're looking for some basics in rather neutral colours that you can mix and match with your more regular wardrobe, the cheesily-named "bspoke" clothing range offers trousers that look like jeans that have Velcro ankle grips and their Woman's Angle Jacket looks more Burberry than Izumi. I'm really not keen on the beige women's tops and this range (or the men's terrible anorak) so they have work to do. bspoke could definitely do with becoming a bit more fashionable but they provide some basic neutrals that straddle the gap between "normal" clothes and "cycle" clothes.

One final drool factor for the fashion-conscious cyclist: The Fendi Bicycle. Weep my fashionistas, weep!


Anonymous said...

I love your Haikus. I envy those who write such. They say so much in so few words. Who needs the frills when you can write like such? *sigh* I must admit I never can.

Bicycle Bella said...

Aah, bless you! Thanks for your lovely feedback. Have a super weekend! :)