Monday, 15 June 2009

Accommodating your curves

If you are a curvy woman, then don't be afraid of getting on your bike. Queen had it right "Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round. GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!"

Most women who commute to work in London (on my route at least) aren't packing a size 20 backside, but don't let that put you off! We don't have to be strutting Lycra and crop tops to be getting our endorphin high first thing in the morning, girls.

I was mortified to find that cycle clothing manufacturers (Endura, be ashamed!) do not make cycling trousers for women in sizes greater than a size 16. Men's XL - XXL trousers are also not cut for female hips and thighs so they gape at the waist and make you look twice your size. Apparently, we curvy cyclists don't exist - if we are to believe the sizing in cycle shops.

So what is a curvy girl to do? If it isn't Lycra, then what trousers do you wear to be both comfortable and to have that extra fabric that skims the bits you'd rather not spray with Lycra?

Here's the trick: get yourself a pair of tracksuit bottoms that you like (not baggy ones, but ones that are a bit generous). Then get yourself a pair or two of these trouser liners. They are the padded shorts that cycle clothing manufacturers put under their non-Lycra shorts and trousers. You can also use the men's XL - XXL ones if you are over a size 16-18.

Our solution: Tracksuit bottoms + padded trouser liners = trousers to both flatter your figure and cushion your tail.

Don't be downhearted! Get on your bikes and ride, sisters :)

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